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Flixborough Village

An old fire station door with a bell mounted in a brick arch above it

Flixborough Village

Flixborough is a village and civil parish in North Lincolnshire. 

It has a small Parish Council representing approximately 1700 residents in Flixborough, Charnwood and Skippingdale .  The village is situated near the River Trent, approximately three miles west of Scunthorpe.

Flixborough is a relatively small village with a rural character. It has a church, St. Nicholas’ Church, which dates back to the 12th century. The village also has some local amenities and is part of the larger North Lincolnshire community.

We are fortunate in having interesting historic settlements and archeological sites, such as the Saxon settlement dated from the 7th-11th century, excavated between 1989-1991, by the Humberside Archeology unit.

We are also mentioned in the Doomsday book as ‘Flichesburg’ which translates as fortified dwelling on the cliff slope, and there are also plenty of walks to enjoy.

In addition, we are a ‘Thankful Village’; that is a village that suffered no fatalities during either World War.

Sadly, we are also renowned for the Nypro Disaster, that occurred on the 1st of June 1974; the worst industrial incident in the U.K that brought about new Health and Safety legislation.

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The Parish Council consists of three elected or co-opted Parish Councillors…


The Council usually meets on the third Wednesday of the month at 6pm, in the Village Hall, High Street, Flixborough…


Policies and documents published by the Parish Council are available here…


The Parish Council produces financial reports that are available to the public…

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